Welcome to The Axx. Starting this blog is something that I have been planning for quite some time. Over the past few years I have become increasingly interested in technology (mostly that of Apple), programming, and designing. I began following people from the tech world on Twitter, as well as reading blogs such as Daring Fireball, The Loop, and Very Nice Website. Reading news, and opinions on it, from all these sources and blogs inspired in me a desire to have my own voice heard and to add my own opinions to the mix. I've always enjoyed writing, and starting a tech blog seemed like a great place to be able to write freely about a subject in which I am deeply interested.

Most likely, The Axx will never turn out to be solely, or mostly, a link blog, like the three I listed above. I will likely post some links to big news or other interesting things I see going on, and add my opinions on them, but I also plan to supplement that with longer posts and descriptions of projects I am working on or other ideas that come to my mind.

Recently, for instance, I have become very interested in URL schemes and inter-app communication between iOS apps. This trend began when I first read Federico Viticci's post on Macstories about iOS automation with Pythonista. I have since been working on my own techniques and URLs to achieve higher degrees of productivity throughout my day to day usage of my iPad and iPhone. This is one subject I will likely be writing a lot about here on my blog, and I look forward to sharing all the things I have done and learned with anyone who begins to follow my site.

I am really looking forward to my new journey, and I hope my opinions and projects can interest others as much as they interest me, so people may follow my site and enjoy my insights in the way I have been enjoying the insights of other tech bloggers. Thanks for reading, and I hope you return in the future.

Alex Guyot

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