Facebook Home for Facebook as a Company

I posted my thoughts on Facebook Home a few days ago, but to clarify, I was only talking about the user experience, which I find terribly disruptive and distracting, and would hate to use. In terms of an initiative by the company itself, I agree with Matt Drance:

If buyers start asking “does it have Facebook Home?” — and I think many will — that will be bad news for both Google and Apple. However, the Google – Facebook war is sure to be more vicious than the Google – Apple war because Google and Facebook have the same customers: advertisers. Users are their currency, and Facebook is about to rob the bank.

Facebook Home might not be great for many users, especially those anything like myself, but I know there are plenty of Facebook nuts out there, and if Home manages to find a niche of people who love it, and expands from there through word of mouth and as more phones are able to support it, it could very well be a great move by Facebook, and a huge blow to Google.

Nice move.