Fertile Ground

Marco Arment:

Apple has set fire to iOS. Everything’s in flux. Those with the least to lose have the most to gain, because this fall, hundreds of millions of people will start demanding apps for a platform with thousands of old, stale players and not many new, nimble alternatives. If you want to enter a category that’s crowded on iOS 6, and you’re one of the few that exclusively targets iOS 7, your app can look better, work better, and be faster and cheaper to develop than most competing apps.

An incredible insight. The radical changes to iOS do indeed create an insane, practically unheard of opportunity to usurp the powerhouse apps currently controlling each category of the App Store. Think about how long it took many apps just to add a few millimeters of extra height into their app when the iPhone 5 came out. For some of the big apps, it took weeks, or even months after the release. That, of course, wasn't really that huge of a deal if you already had an established app, but with iOS 7 old apps may need not just an addition, but in many cases, a complete redesign. The space between the release of iOS 7 and the time it may take some of these hugely popular apps to update is an amazing opportunity for new, smaller apps to slip in and grab a foothold. An opportunity like this does not come very often.