Thanks for Having Me!

With Alex due back, I wanted to say thanks for letting me play housekeeper.

Despite being insanely busy in my personal and professional life this past week — I have a couple great articles coming soon — I’ve thoroughly enjoyed guest-posting on The Axx. It was fun sharing my take on things in the tech/design worlds, and I’ve even enjoyed getting to know Squarespace’s backend CMS. (I see why podcasters love them so much.)

I do apologize for the absence of any long-form pieces over the course of the week, but time wasn’t my friend with everything happening in my life. However, with the link list items I did post, I tried to make my commentary somewhat longer (and hopefully more thoughtful) in order to make up for the lack of an essay. I thought my linked list comments came out great, and I hope you liked them as well.

So, thanks again for having me this week. It was truly an honor, and with any luck Alex will once again have me back.

Take care and see you later!