An Unofficial, Makeshift "Sponsorship"

As far as I know, The Axx remains far too small a publication to garner any possibilities of paid weekly sponsorships at this point (although if anyone were interested, I'm certainly not opposed to them). I'm not worried about this at all, I love writing for The Axx and don't need any payment for it at all, nor do I think it's anywhere near large enough to suggest such a thing. That said, I don't see why I shouldn't share an opportunity for mutual benefit with my readers.

I'm sure many of you read Daring Fireball, and you may remember late last year when the site was sponsored by a clothing company called Frank and Oak. I discovered and signed up for the service through that sponsorship, and in the ensuing months I have fallen in love with the company. The clothing sold by F&O is of amazing quality, yet at far lower prices than the large stores which sell similar products, such as J Crew or other stores selling higher end clothing. I own a few shirts from J Crew as well, and I find that my Frank and Oak shirts are far and above my favorites, yet were only about half the price of the J Crew shirts. The fit, for a tall and thin individual like myself, is stellar. (I'm sure their larger sizes fit bigger body types as well, but I can confirm the excellent fit for tall and thin people.)

Ending today at Frank and Oak, is a massive summer sale. Dozens of their fantastic collared shirts are on sale for $30 or less, as well as pants for $35 or less, tees for $25 or less, and ties for under $20. Here's the best part, though: if you sign up for Frank and Oak through this link, you'll receive a $25 store credit, completely free! That could be a free tee or tie, or a dirt cheap shirt or pair of pants of F&O's amazing quality. That's a deal that would be foolish to miss out on. Even if you just want to try the service out, there's no better chance to do so than now, as it will literally be free of charge for you.

What's in it for me? Well with the first purchase each one of you makes, even if the total price of that purchase is covered by your free credit, I will be sent $25 in credit for the site myself, since you signed up via my link. Even if you're not necessarily interested in the service, I purchase the majority of my clothes from F&O, and if you'd like to support The Axx you could do so free of charge, and even get a free tie in the process! Not to mention that I would greatly appreciate it, seeing as how I'm about to become a poor college student along with the rest of them.

I hope you all don't mind this makeshift, self-made "sponsorship." I simply figured that if my readers like nice devices then they probably like nice clothes too, so I might as well share this opportunity for mutual benefit with them.

Here's the Link, once again.