A Typo in the Batch Import actions

Accept my deepest apologies for anyone who downloaded my Batch Import Actions in the last two days and found them non-functional. As it turns out, there was a type in the batchImport2 action which caused it to import the wrong set of lines and therefore screw up the whole sequence.

I have fixed the typo, so any downloads of the actions from here on out should work properly.

If you have already downloaded them, you can get it working by simply deleting your batchImport2 action and importing the fixed version through this import link.

If this is the first you're hearing of them, the original post (at the link at the top) described a new action sequence to make sharing and importing multiple actions at once far easier. By allowing users to open a clearly laid out, unencoded list of action titles and action URLs, then batch import all of them automatically, the once painful process of sharing groups of actions with others is now quick and easy. It also makes it far easier for those new to the field to learn how URLs work, since they can now see them laid out clearly in front of them before importing.