Google Blocks the Microsoft Windows Phone YouTube App Again

We think it’s clear that Google just doesn’t want Windows Phone users to have the same experience as Android and Apple users, and that their objections are nothing other than excuses. Nonetheless, we are committed to giving our users the experience they deserve, and are happy to work with Google to solve any legitimate concerns they may have. In the meantime, we once again request that Google stop blocking our YouTube app.

If Google is really blocking the app for the reasons Howard is suggesting, this is ridiculous. Seems to me that Microsoft has clearly complied to the main demands, the ones which make sense: not downloading videos, not being able to see reserved videos, and displaying ads. A requirement for the app to be HTML 5 based, though? That's an insane reason to block the app. Then the second allegation, that Google refuses to give Microsoft the information to be able to serve correct ads, but then blocks the app because it isn't serving ads based on this information? Seriously?

Don't be evil, Google.