Om Malik on the Microsoft Nokia Deal

As you've probably heard, Microsoft is acquiring Nokia. Om Malik thinks the acquisition is a bad idea:

Some will argue that the deal is good for both companies — after all, the number three spot in the mobile OS is still up for grabs. I am not one of those. Although Microsoft is still printing money and can afford a multi-billion dollar gamble, what if this doesn’t work out? Can it afford to fritter away a few more years on chasing shadows? There is nothing in the deal than inspires confidence that it will turn two also-rans into champions.

I certainly hope the deal will ultimately be a good thing for the two companies. Having another competitive smartphone OS on the market, besides iOS and the many faces of Android, would be great for everyone. Still, Nokia and Microsoft have already been working together for quite some time, making smartphones like the Nokia Lumias, yet these have failed to make any sort of splash in the overall market. I find myself doubtful that Nokia officially becoming part of Microsoft will allow them to render any significantly stronger results.

On a side note, I think it's a shame that Microsoft is also acquiring all of Nokia's smartphone titles. The Microsoft Lumia just doesn't have the same ring.