Steven Aquino To Guest Post On The Axx This Week

Exciting news for everyone. I'll be gone this week on a church retreat in the mountains in California. There's no service there (at least not for AT&T), nor is there wifi (at least not that we are given access to), but the incredibly talented Steven Aquino has been gracious enough to offer to guest post for me. You may recognize Steven from the article he wrote in The Magazine, from his blog, or from many other places where he has freelance written. Steven tells me he has some nice long form posts in store for you, as well as keeping up with any news or events that occur during the week. I'm very excited to see what he cooks up, and I will be trying by any means possible to finagle some sort of internet access so that I can at least read his posts each day. I'll be back again next week, I hope Steven's fantastic writing doesn't completely steal all of you readers from me!

If you haven't subscribed to The Axx via RSS, you will probably want to follow Steven on Twitter or to make sure you are keeping up with his posts. If I do manage to find a connection, I will post links to his pieces through my usual outlets on Twitter and, but those likely won't happen until the next morning after each post, if at all, so don't count on them.

Thanks all, and have a great week.