I'm truly honored that Alex has given me the keys to The Axx for the week.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Steven Aquino. I'm a 31-year-old freelance technology writer based out of the East Bay Area. As Alex mentioned in his post last night, I'm a contributor to The Magazine, but I've also had articles appear in Macworld, TidBITS, Tech.pinions, and The Loop Magazine. I also write my own site, Steven's Blog, which I've run independently since February 2010. On my blog, I write mostly on Apple and other technology, but also on other topics of interests such as food, sports, and politics.

Before jumping into the world of freelance writing, I spent 11 years working for my local school district, where I worked with special needs preschoolers. My freelance work thus far has mostly been targeted at iOS and accessibility, as I used iPads frequently with my former students, and am myself disabled. In addition, I'm fluent in American Sign Language, as my parents were deaf. Hence, I believe my background suits me well to discuss accessibility as it pertain to iOS.

As for my week on The Axx, I'm shooting for one or two posts a day, time permitting. Alex and I have similar interests regarding technology and design, so I'll be linking to various news stories and events as they happen throughout the week.

If you want to say hello, follow me on Twitter and/or